Wedding Collection Combo- 98 Premium Presets

Wedding Collection Combo- 98 Premium Presets

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"I simply love these presets. They saved me hours of editing time and look amazing."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Nazia (✅Verified)


Designed specifically for Portrait and wedding photographers, these hand-crafted presets will transform and infuse your photographs with vibrant colors, warm tones, and rich earthy hues that will help you define your style and save you time.

What will you get in this pack?

✅ 98 Presets for Lightroom Desktop/Mobile.

✅ 98 Presets for Photoshop CC Camera RAW.

✅ One-time payment, Free Lifetime Updates.

✅ Friendly Customer Support and Installation Guide.


Why You Should Use MOODY Presets.

✅ Moody Presets will help you speed up your editing process and save you time to spend more time clicking and less time editing.

✅ These custom settings are specially designed for Weddings, Pre-wedding, Portraits, Bridal, outdoors, indoors, and Couples photoshoots.

✅ You will be able to achieve consistency within your work, creating a style and a cohesive look to all your images, all while streamlining your editing.

✅ Take your photography to the next level, being able to edit your images in a few clicks professionally.

✅ This Collection consists of moody and earthy tones that will keep your feed fresh and constant.

*Compatible with Adobe Lightroom/ Photoshop (Windows/ Mac)- DESKTOP+MOBILE


Giving your photographs a professional tone while keeping the consistency can be a daunting and time taking process. Especially when you have loads of photographs or you click a lot.

Our presets are perfect for beginners or even professionals looking for a quick and easy way to edit pictures on the go. 

Having Moody Presets can save you time and help you edit your photographs on the go. That’s why over 10000 Photographers and Influencers are using our presets to give their images a creative edge.



1. What version of Adobe Lightroom do they work on?

Lightroom: They work on every version of Lightroom. On Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile; every device you can load the app on.

Photoshop: You can use them in Photoshop CC- all versions. 

Our presets are compatible with JPEG files (including iPhone and Android Phone pictures) and RAW images.

2. Why You Should Use Presets?

  • To create a consistent style in your photographs
  • To speed up your editing process and edit your photographs in one click.
  • It’s a great way to learn how Lightroom and Photoshop adjustments and settings work.

3. Additional info 

  • Lightroom Mobile App is completely free! You don’t need to subscribe to Lightroom. All you need is the free Lightroom app on your phone!
  • Once your payment is received you'll receive an automatic confirmation email with links to your presets, and if you need help installing the presets go to our Instructions page. Don't worry, it's very quick and easy!
  • If you have any issues at all please email support at .