Master Collection- Pack of 275 Premium Presets

Master Collection- Pack of 275 Premium Presets

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"Really cool, easy to use. Amazing colors and effects. Really happy worth the pricešŸ‘šŸ»"
ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­- Rob UrbanekĀ (āœ…Verified)


We all know how important post-processing is.Ā  Problem is, presets can be super expensive.

But not anymore!


Inside Master Collection You'll get

After spending hundreds of hours, we have created 275Ā Premium presets to give your images vintage, cozy, brown/warm, moodyĀ Tones. Introducing you the first of many high-quality preset packs for Adobe Lightroom (Desktop + Mobile) and Photoshop Camera RAW.

Why You Should Use Moody Presets.

āœ…Ā Moody Presets will help youĀ speed up your editing processĀ andĀ save your timeĀ to spend more time clicking and less time editing.

āœ… These customs settings areĀ specially designed forĀ Weddings, Pre-wedding, Portraits, Bridal, outdoors, indoors, and Couple photoshoots.

āœ…Ā You will be able to achieveĀ consistencyĀ within your work, creating a style and a cohesive look to all your images, all while streamlining yourĀ editing.

āœ…Ā Take your photography to theĀ next level, being able to professionally edit your images in a few clicks.

āœ…Ā ThisĀ Collection consists ofĀ moody and earthyĀ tones that will keep your feed fresh and constant.

āœ… These Preset will allow you toĀ speed upĀ your workflow, create a new look, or make yourĀ InstagramĀ game stronger than itā€™s ever been.

*Compatible with Adobe Lightroom/ Photoshop (Windows/ Mac)- DESKTOP+MOBILE

    What will you get inĀ this pack?

    āœ… 282Ā Presets for Lightroom Desktop/Mobile.

    āœ… 282Ā Presets forĀ Photoshop CC Camera RAW.

    āœ…Ā Free Lifetime Updates

    āœ…Ā Friendly Customer Support and Installation Guide.

    Ā Giving your photographs aĀ professional toneĀ while keeping the consistency can be a daunting and time taking process. Especially when you have loads of photographs or you click a lot. OurĀ presetsĀ areĀ perfectĀ forĀ beginnersĀ orĀ evenĀ professionalsĀ lookingĀ forĀ aĀ quick andĀ easyĀ wayĀ toĀ editĀ picturesĀ onĀ theĀ go.Ā 

    HavingĀ Moody PresetsĀ can save you time and help you edit your photographs on the go. Thatā€™s why overĀ 5000 PhotographersĀ andĀ InfluencersĀ are using our presets to give their images aĀ creative edge.



    What version of Adobe Lightroom do they work on?

    Lightroom: They work on every version of Lightroom. On Desktop, Tablet, Mobile; every device you can load the app on.

    Photoshop: You can use them in Photoshop CC- all versions.Ā 

    Our presets are compatible with JPEG files (including iPhone and Android Phone pictures) as well as RAW images.

    Why Should You Use Presets?

    • To create aĀ consistent styleĀ in your photographs
    • ToĀ speed upĀ your editing process and edit your photographs in one click.
    • Itā€™s a great way to learn howĀ Lightroom and PhotoshopĀ adjustments and settings work.

    Additional infoĀ 

    • Lightroom Mobile App is completely free! You donā€™t need to subscribe to Lightroom. All you need is the free Lightroom app on your phone!
    • Once your payment is received you'll receive an automatic confirmationĀ email with links to your presets, and if you need helpĀ installing the presets go to ourĀ InstructionsĀ page.Ā Don't worry, it's very quick and easy!
    • If you have any issues at all please email support atĀĀ .